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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Amanda adjusting patientMost people would associate chiropractors with specializing in back or neck problems. It might surprise you to find out that at Fresh Start Chiropractic, our focus is on directly enhancing your neural function. Your spine, as the house for your nervous system, can be the source of irritation when it’s out of alignment.

An Aligned Spine for Better Overall Function

Dr. Amanda gently restores your spine into the proper position so that your nervous system can communicate with every organ in the body, allowing you to function at your highest levels.

The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous and include less tension and pain, a greater range of motion and improved mood. Children often experience better digestion or a higher immune system function. Each of these benefits is a signal saying that your body is working the way it was intended to.

Highly Effective Techniques

Dr. Amanda has extensively trained in prenatal and pediatric care. Her knowledge about spinal development extends to each age group, with techniques that suit every individual’s needs. Each adjustment is tailored to what is required on that particular day. Her methods include a tonal technique, Thompson and the Activator® instrument.

Your visits include doing several checks and reflexes to locate sources of imbalance in the body. A gentle release is all that’s required to restore the balance.

Emphasizing Care for Moms and Kids

With a specialization in moms and kids, Dr. Amanda has seen success with cases of intrauterine constraint, toe walking, constipation, ear infections, pregnancy-related discomfort and has helped those on the autism spectrum.

When your child is the patient, we’ll walk you through what we do with complete open communication each step of the way. Nothing is done without your consent and understanding. If your child is nervous, they can hold onto our teddy bear to have a buddy during their adjustment, and we like to reward them with stickers and have fun with them at their visits. Dr. Amanda connects easily with children, and it’s always been her dream to be surrounded by them in her practice.

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